Let's do your divorce the right way

Let's focus not only on the legal steps but also on emotional support and resilience-building. Your world is about to change for the better. So, let's navigate together, let's empower your transition with strength and self-care. Let's do it together because we can. 

Whether you are the one asking for a divorce, or responding to your spouse's request for a divorce, getting the case started the right way will help you go the distance.

How to Start your Divorce

How to Navigate your Divorce

Once your case gets going, you'll have mandatory tasks to complete, and possible requests of the court.  You'll learn each of the options that suit your needs. 

what you'll learn here: 

How to Finish your Divorce

Gotta finish strong. Divorces conclude by either settling with a written agreement, or trial. We will teach you how to do either one. 

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Course Two

This course will launch after Course One, and is specifically for people who are responding to their spouse's request for divorce.  We hit all the big concepts and tasks, and get you started on the right foot. 

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Our first course is launching now! This course is all about educating you on how to prepare for and understand the divorce process. We also teach you how to start, file, and serve your paperwork. Every. Line. Explained.  

Course One


Top 10 Tasks You Must Do Before Filing

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Outright Cold Divorce Facts

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I hope you love where we're headed with this! Tell me what else you need and how I can best help you through your divorce. Don't be shy... let's get the conversation going.

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